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🔥 Off Ya Chops Offical Aussie Party Game 🇦🇺

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Ready to get Off Ya Chops?

Grab ya grog we’re going on a bender. A NEW aussie drinking game to get deadset munted with mates.

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🍻 Perfect for parties and pre-drinks.

🔥 Includes 200 drinking cards across 4 categories:

60 Bloody Oath Cards
60 Ya Reckon Cards
60 Stitch Up Cards
20 Blackout Cards

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    🦘 How to play

    🇦🇺 Designed in Australia

    BOX SIZE: 10cm x 8cm x 8cm


    How to play

    🔥 Listen up cunts, ready to get Off Ya Chops? 🥩

    STEP 1️⃣ Shuffle the cards and place them face down in the middle of the players. 

    STEP 2️⃣ Oldest player goes first, then go clockwise. Everyone takes turns to draw a card from the deck and reading it out loud to the group. There's 4 card types that have different ways to play below.


    We've never made it to the end of the game sober enough to determine a winner.


    Bloody Oath - Anyone who fits the card description drinks. If you've done it then drink.

    🍺 1 CHOP

    Ya Reckon - The group counts down and votes by pointing to who best fits the card, then the person who gets voted for most drinks. 

     🍺 2 CHOPS

    Stitch Up - Complete the task on the card or drink up. 

    🍺 5 CHOPS

    Blackout - These are rare cooked drink CARDS, SO YOU'LL BE MUNTED IF YOU DRAW ONE OF THESE BAD BOYS! 

    🍺 1 Chop = 1 SIP






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