Content Mates

Hey, we'd love you to be content mates as part of our online campaigns. We're a new Aussie drinking game to get munted with mates. We got bored of Americanised drinking games and wanted to create a real game full of swearing, laughs and legendary drinking cards that only Aussies will understand. Yes, we say 'cunt' a lot in our cards! There’s 200 outrageous Aussie cards across 4 card types for hours of fun! Most cards are also forever changing depending on the night and people you’re playing with! 

So what do you get?

A free copy of our game to play with mates will be sent to you for you to create your content. We'll also give you a 10% discount code to share with your followers and any mates that want to grab their own copy.

Content we'd love from you

Grab your mates and host a party or pre-drinks while showcasing our game and the Aussie culture. Think your mates reading and completing the activities on the card and downing their drinks. 

Moodboard - video inspo!


Unpublished VIDEO - Min 8 clips - We're a huge fan of video,  there's no need to edit any of the footage!

PHOTO - Min 3 photos - We love disco balls, metallic foil curtains and shooting on film cameras but it’s okay if you don’t have them. 

Published STORIES - 2 videos showcasing the game, 1 photo with your discount code and link sticker to

DO - Include people and faces in shots, reading the cards out loud, drinking and having a good time. You're welcome to capture your mates talking about the game (200 cards, it’s aussie) and why they love it too. Have our logo on the card and box clearly visible. Make sure the group know the content may be used in our online advertising, TikTok and Facebook campaigns. Do include alcohol bottles/cans. Above all, this is a fun party game - drinking, smiles, laughs and good times are welcome! 

DON'T - include minors under the legal drinking age, animals or other drinking games. Don't use any Snapchat or Instagram filters. Avoid flatlays or content without people in them. Avoid anything that feels fake or forced, we want authentic Aussie mates having fun.


Here's how to play!

Please upload your video footage and photos to Google Drive or Dropbox. 

Most of all have fun! We can’t wait to see the results! 🔥🍻